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Gurgaon: Fresco residents continue to live in mortal fear of lifts

Posted: Aug 07, 2017     By Reena Dhankher

Residents of Fresco, a condominium in Sector 50, Gurgaon, are no longer comfortable using the lifts, especially after last week’s episode when a woman got stuck for 30 minutes in the elevator.  

The incident took place in Tower 12.

The condominium has 16 towers, with two lifts each — but only 27 are functional.

Nilesh Tandon, RWA president, explains, “The AMC of our lifts has expired, and Otis — the private lift provider — needs to service the lift and renew the contract. But Unitech owes almost Rs 40 lakh to Otis, and until that amount is cleared, the provider will only delay the servicing. Otis should either maintain the lifts — or leave. This kind of half-hearted maintenance is putting our lives in jeopardy. We have held multiple meetings with the builder, but they don't have the money at the moment to sort things out. Unfortunately, the residents continue to pay maintenance charges on time.”

Things have gone so bad that Otis has now started receiving direct complaints from the residents.

“The sensors of the lifts are not working. While we are paying maintenance charges regularly, a basic facility like lifts is being denied to us. The situation is particularly dire for senior citizens and children,” complains Yogesh Matta, a resident.

Can Fresco residents ever breathe easy?



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