Nothing's going right for Designarch E Homes, GreNo
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Nothing's going right for Designarch E Homes, GreNo

Waterlogging, defunct streetlights, overflowing sewer water... the list of problems is endless.

Nothing's going right for Designarch E Homes, GreNo

Residents of Designarch E Homes, a residential society in Sector Zeta of Greater Noida, are complaining about a blockage in the sewer line that disposes waste water from the society. Residents say there are times the overflowing sewer water flows into the kitchen of the society’s clubhouse. They also say that despite approaching the authorities with several complaints, they have been suffering from the problem for the past five years, since they started residing in the society.

Residents also raised the issue of defunct streetlights, owing to which the neighbourhood plunged into darkness once the sun went down. Speaking to City Spidey, angry residents also maintained that the area was being neglected by the Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC), which was in charge of its maintenance and daily upkeep.



Aditya Kumar, AOA president of Designarch E Homes, told City Spidey that the sewer line had been choked near Mangal Bazar for the past five years. “During monsoons, sewer water enters the clubhouse, as it is located in the society's basement. At times sewer water flows out on to the road outside the society, due to which pedestrians are inconvenienced," he added.

He also said the society had spent about Rs 2 lakh till date to get rid of the sewer water from the society premises.

The recent spell of rain and the ensuing waterlogging has turned the area into mosquito-breeding grounds. UPSIDC has not even carried out fogging in the area,” Kumar added.



"Streetlights on a 500-m stretch outside the society are not working, due to which chances of mishaps have increased. Women and senior citizens of the society avoid going out after dark. Many female residents of the society are working and they are unable to navigate that stretch alone,” he said.

Suresh Kumar, regional manager of UPSIDC, told City Spidey that he was not aware of the issues, as he had recently joined office. Kumar replaced the former regional manager Mayank Shrivastava only recently. “I will send the executive engineer to check the issues and get them resolved as soon as possible,” Kumar added.