URJA: Awareness campaigns alone will not bring down pollution
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URJA: Awareness campaigns alone will not bring down pollution

Awareness campaigns and tree-planting drives will not bring down pollution until the government enforces strict preventive measures.     

URJA: Awareness campaigns alone will not bring down pollution URJA meeting in progress

Actions count for more than awareness. This was the broad flavour of a meeting organised by the United Residents' Joint Action (URJA) in Mayur Vihar Phase I. The meeting was organised with the purpose of mobilising the community and RWAs to come forward and exert pressure on government agencies on the subject of environment pollution. People were in agreement that awareness campaigns and tree-planting drives cannot reverse the situation of growing pollution levels until the government start enforcing preventive measures.

The meeting was attended by RWA members, East Delhi municipal councillors (Mayur Vihar Phase I, Trilokpuri, Patparganj and New Ashok Nagar), the Indian Medical Association and officials from diverse government agencies.

City Spidey was informed that it was a zonal community leadership meeting. A dozen such community leadership meetings shall be held in different parts of the city. While addressing the conclave, Ashutosh Dikshit said, “People have to come forward and question the government on their action plans. Merely initiating awareness campaigns is not enough. People are already aware and now want to know about outcomes.”

Reiterating the purpose of the meeting, he stated, “There are certain things which only the government can do. Like for instance cleaning dirty drains and sewers. However, despite the fact that the situation is worsening, the government is only busy initiating awareness campaigns with private NGOs. This is a sheer waste of money.”