Now, a legal twist to the Prateek Laurel fiasco
Now, a legal twist to the Prateek Laurel fiasco
Ramesh Kumar
Now, a legal twist to the Prateek Laurel fiasco

Now, a legal twist to the Prateek Laurel fiasco

The face-off between the AOA and a section of the residents of Prateek Laurel, a residential society in Sector 120, Noida, continues to rage — this time over use of club facilities.

A section of the residents, mostly senior citizens and women, alleged that the residents’ body has limited the access to facilities available at the society’s club house. They complained that the restrictions imposed by the AOA are leading to a lot of inconvenience.

SL Srivastava, secretary of the association of senior citizens in the society, said, “The residents’ body has earmarked time slots for different age groups in the club house — and that’s just 30 minutes. We are a large group with many members. The time for us is simply not enough.”

He further alleged, “The RWA and we fought with builder over several issues together. But the AOA president is now treating us differently. There is only one association of senior citizens, but the body claims there’s another one. We senior citizens — and residents —have to sit on the floor near one of the entries to club house. That seems to be the only space left for us!”


Senior residents occupy the floor space outside the club 


But the infighting has now taken a legal turn.

The AOA has submitted a written complaint with Sector 49 police station, complaining that unregistered associations are operating on their own in the society.

The complaint further says these groups have been causing disturbance in the society, and also obstructing the AOA from looking after the society’s maintenance and security.

In the letter, Uday Jain, AOA secretary, complained, “If any function or events are organised on the society premises, prior permission from the AOA is required. But these groups neither take permission nor intimate AOA about the goings-on. If anything untoward happens, these groups should be held responsible.”


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