Noida: Three people arrested for murder and robbery at Sector 44
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Noida: Three people arrested for murder and robbery at Sector 44

The police claim that the robbers had a clear motive and had carefully planned everything.   

Noida: Three people arrested for murder and robbery at Sector 44 The accused at the police station

Yesterday, City Spidey had broken the news about some dacoits breaking into a house in the C Block of Noida’s Sector 44. Three of these dacoits, who had fled after shooting a security guard and injuring two women, have been arrested by the police today. One however, is still absconding.

A woman called Aarti (alias Manisha) is among the three people who have been arrested. Incidentally, she is the sister of a maid, who had previously been employed at the house that has been broken into. Sandeep Kumar and Sonu Chaudhary are the other two people. Vikas (alias Vicky) the fourth in the group, however is still absconding.

Police allege that Sandeep and Aarti are involved in a love affair and that this affair has been an integral trigger of the incident.

According to the police, the incident was masterminded by Aarti and Sandeep. The motive of the robbery was money- money which Aarti and Sandeep required for their marriage. Aarti was familiar to the Dayals (the owners of the house), as her elder sister had worked in their house as a maid. During that time, Aarti had often substituted her sister’s periods of leave.

On the other hand, Sonu and Vikas are Sandeep’s friends who have been roped in with promises of sharing the exploits from the robbery.

Speaking to City Spidey, Luv Kumar, SSP of Gautam Budh Nagar said, “We have recovered a desi pistol, a silver bowl, a silver lamp, four silver bangles and one mangal-sutra (bridal necklace) from Sandeep’s house in Sadarpur Village.”

“The robbers had entered the house in the guise of plumbers. Umi Dayal, 80, the only person who was present in the house had then called her son, Vinod Dayal, to ascertain if he had called for them. While she was still on the phone, Vinod heard his mother scream. He immediately called some neighbours, the guard of a nearby house and a few other people to rush in and help his mother. The guards managed to nab Sonu, one of the robbers. Unfortunately, Bhanu Kishore Kumar, another security guard who was shot by the robbers, died at the hospital that he was later taken to,” said Kumar, while narrating the sequence of events. 

According to the police, Aarti and Sandeep have been living in Sadarpur Village, Sector 45. Sonu on the other hand hails from a district in Rajasthan while Vikas lives in Ghaziabad.

Kumar has praised the work of both the security guards, who demonstrated exemplary zeal and courage. He said that he will talk to the government in connection to a reward for the security guard, who has survived.