In Noida Sector 137 just WhatsApp for car pool
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In Noida Sector 137 just WhatsApp for car pool

Car pooling proved to be a very effective idea for this sector where public transport was always a challenge.    


In Noida Sector 137 just WhatsApp for car pool

Last month, some residents from Noida Sector 137, came together and created a WhatsApp group for carpooling.

Adeeba Khan, one of the founder members of the group spoke to City Spidey. “Car pooling is the cheapest mode of travel. It is safe too.  When Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal had started the odd even car plying system, many people from Delhi NCR had started pooling cars. This inspired me and many others to create a WhatsApp group for car pooling."

Residents of different societies are now connected through the WhatsApp group and offer their cars for pooling. In just a month, over two hundred people have come together. The fuel expenses are shared on the basis of mutual understanding.

Carpooling is not a new concept for smart commuters in NCR. For most, it is the best way to travel since it drastically reduces everyday travel expenses. Moreover, car pooling helps in creating a pollution free green environment and reduces traffic congestion.

Khan said that in Sector 37 overall transport connectivity is poor and residents have to travel considerable distances to access the nearest metro station. "Cabs and autos are the only options and often auto drivers overcharge," she informs. 

Incidentally around 20,000 people live in the societies of Sector 137 that includes Purvanchal Royal Park, Gulshan Vivante, Exotica Fresco, Ajnara Daffodil, Blossom County, Paras Tierea, Supertech Ecociti and Paramount Floraville.