Amrapali delegation to meet minister today
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Amrapali delegation to meet minister today

An eight-member delegation of Amrapali homebuyers, who have been on indefinite strike outside the realtor’s office from August 12, will seek clarifications from the minister.

Amrapali delegation to meet minister today The eight-member delegation to visit urban development minister Suresh Kumar Khanna

Today, an eight-member delegation of Amrapali homebuyers, who have been on indefinite strike outside the realtor’s office in Sector 62 from August 12, are going to Lucknow to meet urban development minister Suresh Kumar Khanna.

Hitesh Nakhashi, a flat buyer, told City Spidey that the principal agenda of the meeting will be possession of flats. “Based on the meeting held between the ministers and the Greater Noida Authority on August 30, it was decided that buyers were not to pay anything to the builder unless possession is given. But the builder is demanding money. We need clarification from the minister and also a written assurance.”

He continued, “Based on the recent meeting with CEOs of all the three authorities, it was decided that 50,000 flats would be delivered in the next three months. Our team wants to know how will this work for projects where only 20-30 per cent of the construction is done — or where construction hasn’t even started.”

There’s is yet another problem that needs to be addressed.

“Flat owners who have received the possession letter are unable to follow up with registration because of Amrapali’s dues to the authorities — what are they to do? How can their registration be fast-tracked. Our delegation seeks clarifications on all these questions.”

How will the rest of the Amrapali projects be completed? What is the road map ahead and how will the government monitor any progress? Why can’t homebuyers be a part of the monitoring committee? How will the government safeguard the interests of the homebuyers — non-secured creditors — by changing norms under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC)? What will be the time-frame?

These are some of the important issues that will be addressed by the delegation.  

Nakhashi said that the delegation will also seek clarifications on why no action has been taken on the 13 FIRs lodged with Bisrakh police station, demanding arrest of Amrapali directors.

He added, “The delegation will also ask about the time-frame of CAG Audit and CBI inquiry on Greater Noida Authority and its officials.”

Today is the 34th day of the protests and Amrapali homebuyers are determined to not end the strike unless they can secure a written assurance from government. “This would be the last meeting from our side, and buyers will take this strike to the next level if our interests are not safeguarded,” threatened a buyer.

Homebuyers will also run a Twitter campaign under the hashtag #Ghar_Nahi_tou_Vote_Nahi.

Here’s a list of representatives who are meeting the minister today:

1)Kamal Kant Kaushal and Rahul Kashyap from Amrapali Dream valley

2) Ajay Bhan from Amrapali Centurian Park

3) Sanjeev Agarwal from Amrapali Verona Heights

4) Shirikant Haldar from Amrapali Leisure Park

5)Ankur Amrapali Adarsh Awas Yojna

6)Akhileshwar Singh from  Amrapali Golf Homes

7) Sudhanshu from Amrapali Leisure Valley