Bike-borne thieves shoot and kill Delhi milk booth owner in Noida


Bike-borne thieves shoot and kill Delhi milk booth owner in Noida

Two unidentified youth accost 62-year-old Delhi milk booth owner, stop his bike and try to snatch his bag containing money. When he resists, they shoot and kill him and escape with money.


Bike-borne thieves shoot and kill Delhi milk booth owner in Noida

A shock wave spread across East End Apartments near New Ashok Nagar after a 62-year old Amul Milk Booth owner, Raj Kumar Singh, was shot and killed on Saturday in Sector 7, Noida.  He was riding a motorcycle and was on his way to a bank in the locality when two bike-borne persons intercepted him and tried to snatch his bag.

Police said that one of the two persons pulled out a pistol and fired at Singh when he resisted their attempts to snatch his money. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon.

A pall of gloom descended at the Amul Milk Booth, located outside East End Apartments, near New Ashok Nagar Metro Station, as the news of the death of its owner spread across the region.

Hundreds of people,  essentially residents of nearby flats, could be seen talking in hushed tones, as they learnt about the ghastly killing of their friendly neighbourhood milkman. He has been running the shop for the past several years, a resident of East End Apartments informed.

Most of the people who gathered outside the Amul Dairy Booth were regular customers, who were shocked to learn what had happened.

Today most of the shops in the vicinity were closed as a mark of respect to the very popular milk man of the area. Police personnel, from neighbouring Noida, too visited the booth to investigate his death.

“It is very scary that anything can happen to anyone. Especially, law and order in Noida is very bad and these criminals are getting bolder,” rued a resident of East End Apartments, who knew Raj Kumar Singh.

A security guard outside Gate I, Metro station, said, “Since morning, people have been coming to the area. After some time, a police vehicle had also come. I have no idea what has happened, but have heard that Raj Kumar Singh was shot dead.”

Vikram Singh who runs a shop adjacent to the Amul Dairy Booth told City Spidey that Singh was running the booth for the past several years.

Subhash Srivastava, a resident of East End Apartment told City Spidey that he came to know about incident  on Saturday evening itself. "In the evening like always, many of us from the colony had assembled near gate 1. It was here that I came to know about the incident,” the man informed.