Mayur Vihar Kali Bari: Where a 100 Durgas peer at you...
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Mayur Vihar Kali Bari: Where a 100 Durgas peer at you...

It is the 35th straight year that the temple is witnessing Navratri celebrations, eagerly awaited by both the Bengalis and non-Bengalis of Mayur Vihar.

Mayur Vihar Kali Bari: Where a 100 Durgas peer at you... This year, the venue has 100 replicas of Goddess Durga

Kali Bari temple in Mayur Vihar Phase I is all decked up to host Durga Puja celebrations. It attracts huge crowds all through the Navratri festivities.

At a rough count, at least 1,000 people visit the pandal every day to enjoy cultural events, music and dance performances. Bengalis and non-Bengalis throng the area alike.

This will be the 35th straight year of Navratri celebrations the temple will be hosting, ever since the place of worship was built by a small group of people from West Bengal. 

Amitabh Dhana, vice-president (cultural committee) of Mayur Vihar Kali Bari Cultural Committee told City Spidey that it is due to the residents of Mayur Vihar that the festival has become such a huge success. Residents of the colony actively participate in the cultural programmes, be it dance, drama, singing or pandal designing.

“Preparations for cultural activities begin two weeks before Navratri. Every year we try to give the best platform to children of the neighbourhood to showcase their talent. We also invite popular Bollywood or Bengali singers to entertain visitors,” Dhana said.

This year, the temple venue will have 100 replicas of Goddess Durga looking at visitors from different angles. There are nine CCTV cameras installed to monitor crowds.

Cultural programmes kicked off yesterday with a quiz competition. Other cultural programmes have been lined up for today, Shoshti, the first day of 'pujo'.

Popular artist Rishi Mukherjee is scheduled to perform on September 29.