Work in progress at Sector 12
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Dwarka: And the lights came on...

Posted: Oct 12, 2017     By Akhilesh Pandey

BSES is going full steam to ensure no part of the sub-city remains dark during Diwali. Fittings are being replaced, bulbs are being refitted, feeder boxes are being repaired — BSES workers can be seen everywhere carrying out maintenance routines.

Besides maintenance work, BSES officials are taking prompt action on complaints on helpline numbers.

In sectors like 10, 11,12,4, 5, 6, 2, 3 maintenance work has already been completed. The work is expected to be wrapped up in other parts by Diwali.

Residents can also contact officials at 39999707. Round-the clock special duty officers have been assigned, who are always available at 32546079.

Speaking to City Spidey, DGM, BSES, SK Dagar, said, “We are trying to light up all dark spots and stretches by Diwali. We are also asking RWAs and residents to pitch in with information — places where things need to be repaired or installed. People can directly get in touch if they know of such locations.”

RWA representatives and residents, too, have expressed happiness over speedy response.

President of Defence Officers’ Apartment in Sector 4, Debashish Bagchi, said, “Defunct streetlights in our area have been fixed by BSES .They are doing their job well, and we are happy. Hope it continues after Diwali too.”

Similarly, the stretch from Metro Station in Sector 14 towards NBS School is not dark anymore. RWA general secretary of Radhika Apartments in Sector 12, Anupam Yashovardhanm, said, “The BSES and civic bodies should ensure all such stretches across the sub-city are taken care of  — and not just during Diwali.”


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