Indirapuram: Garbage trouble for residents
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Indirapuram: Garbage trouble for residents

Residents of Amrapali Village complain of an empty plot of land adjacent to their home being used as a dumping ground. They say the burning of garbage here can cause skin and respiratory problems.

Indirapuram: Garbage trouble for residents Garbage collected at the plot of land near Amrapali Village, Indirapuram

Nobody likes to live beside a garbage dump. But residents of Amrapali Village in Indirapuram are having to.

Garbage dumped in a vacant plot near Nyay Khand II, right adjacent to the apartment, has left residents distressed. Not only does the plot stink but the garbage here is often set on fire by ragpickers to clear the space.

Abdur Rehman, a resident of the apartment and a doctor by profession, told City Spidey, “Residents of adjoining apartments can get skin and respiratory problems, and children and senior citizens are especially susceptible." 

Satyam Singh, 11, said, “I often suffer from breathing problems due to the smoke emanating from the burning garbage. The area is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and pests that can spread dengue, typhoid and other diseases.  "

Ivy Prakash, another resident, said, “We are forced to keep our doors and windows closed to escape from the mosquitoes and the stench.”

Residents said they have left no stone unturned to draw the attention of Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) to this problem. AVRWA, the society's resident welfare body, has written several letters and held meetings with the GDA officials, but to no avail.

Amaan Rehman, a schoolboy, along with a few other children, made a video (posted below) describing the issue and sent it to GDA.



When City Spidey took up the matter with Kaptan Singh, executive engineer of GDA, he said, “GDA is not responsible for garbage being dumped in the area. We have our own dumping ground near the Indirapuram Sewer Treatment Plant."

City Spidey also spoke to Dayanand Prakash, OSD (Officer on Special Duty), GDA, who had a similar view. He said that GDA was aware of the problem but the area does not fall under the Indirapuram Master Plan. "The land is owned by villagers of Makanpur, but we are ready to discuss the matter of health and hygiene with both villagers and residents of the neighbourhood," Prakash added.