Noida Authority orders builders to follow NGT guidelines during construction
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Noida Authority orders builders to follow NGT guidelines during construction

The meeting between Noida Authority, CREDAI members and builders was held after EPCA hauled the Authority up on its construction practices in the city.

Noida Authority orders builders to follow NGT guidelines during construction

Noida Authority officials today ordered all builders in the city to strictly follow NGT guidelines around construction sites to curb air pollution. The meeting took place between Authority officials, CREDAI members and builders at Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra in Sector 6.

NGT guidelines clearly mentions that a realtor, individual or contractor had to abide by certain rules during construction, namely protection of vegetation around the site, sprinkling of water to settle dust and covering of debris with a sheet to prevent dust from spreading.

This meeting was held after Dr Bhure Lal, chairman of the Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority, or EPCA, asked Noida authority to crack down on builders flouting environmental norms.

Lal undertook an inspection of Noida on Saturday with officials of Noida Authority; and expressed his displeasure at the way the Authority functioned when it came to NGT rules. He visited construction sites in sectors 75, 76, 77, 78, 125 and 126, and found environmental and construction norms being openly flouted. Construction was on in many places without safety measures — no dust screens, no water being sprinkled and piles of debris kept on roadsides.

RK Mishra, additional CEO of Noida Authority, told City Spidey that they would take action against any builder found to be flouting NGT guidelines. "We will carry out inspections at construction sites from this week to check whether builders are following the rules. If they are found to be flouting norms, they will be fined," he added.

Dr Bhure Lal’s letter to the Uttar Pradesh chief secretary on Monday instructed that all dug-up roads and unpaved stretches be refurbished to reduce air pollution.

Surprisingly, however, the letter also mentioned that Noida’s only air-monitoring station at Amity University along the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway needed to be re-calibrated, as it was showing misleadingly high levels of pollution, a UPPCB official said.