Will a new parking policy help traffic congestion in Noida?
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Will a new parking policy help traffic congestion in Noida?

New agencies hired by Noida Authority will control operations at 95 parking lots across 43 sectors in the city. And there are a host of new rules. 

Will a new parking policy help traffic congestion in Noida? Image used for representational purposes only

With the objective of reducing traffic congestion due to unauthorised parking, Noida Authority has decided to hire agencies to manage parking across the city. These agencies will control operations at 95 parking lots in 43 sectors of Noida, starting December.

Noida Authority studied the parking policies of Pune, Mumbai and Delhi, along with parking arrangements in European countries, to come up with this new parking policy.

Earlier there were only 41 authorised parking lots in Noida. Due to illegal parking on roads, sectors such as 2, 6, 7, 16, 18, 41, 50, 58 and 59 frequently got choked.

“At present, the Authority has 41 authorised roadside parking locations. But these contracts will be over by the end of November. It will then give new parking lot contracts to agencies through an e-tender in October. Our objective is to take steps to reduce traffic congestion,” said Sandip Chandra, senior project engineer at Noida Authority.

As per the new parking policy, the Authority will charge Rs 20 for four-wheelers for the first two hours, and then increase the charges depending on the time the vehicle is parked. In the old policy, Noida Authority charged Rs 20 for four-wheeler parking and Rs 10 for two-wheeler parking for 14 hours (9 am to 11 pm) along market roads.

“Under the new parking policy, parking of 35,000 vehicles in the city has been arranged in public places. No parking area will be introduced within 50 m of an intersection. Even in corner plots, there will be no parking that will pose a problem for vehicles taking a turn,” Chandra added.

Authority officials said that congestion occurred mainly when contractors took up more parking space than allotted to them.

“We will ensure that all parking attendants use handheld electronic devices to issue parking slips to maintain transparency. And we will mark the authorised areas with yellow paint. If a contractor is found going beyond this area, we will take action as per policy,” said Chandra.

The Authority has divided the city into four zones, into which the new 95 parking lots will be included. “We will hire four contractors to manage these four zones,” he said.

At present, Noida Authority uses 1,68,000 sq m of land for parking in various sectors. Under the new policy, the area has been increased to 4,42,000 sq m. It has also been decided that parking will be restricted to one lane only. For this, 4 m will be allotted on the road, marked by Noida Authority.

As for temporary parking for any event, prior permission will have to be sought from Noida Authority. For this, the prescribed fee will also have to be deposited prior. The parking rate of the sector and the place available will be determined by the Authority.

Here are the penalties for violating parking rules:

1. If a vehicle is parked outside the parking lot: Rs 500 per vehicle

2. Not having an electronic machine or giving false prints: Rs 500 per machine per day

3. On overcharging for parking: Rs 500 per vehicle

4. Not being in the prescribed dress code: Rs 1,000 per employee per day

5. Not having the information board, or an information board with broken or information incorrect: Rs 1,000 per board per day

6. On non-availability of complaint book: Rs 1,000 per consumer per day

7. On non-availability of account book: Rs 1,000 per day

8. On repeated violation of rules: Cancellation of tender for the entire parking area or parts of it