What's happening with Noida traffic park, really?
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What's happening with Noida traffic park, really?

That's what Aradhana Shukla, additional chief secretary (transport), asked Noida Authority officials yesterday when she paid a visit to the site. Meant to be completed by October 2016, the project is not even halfway through!

What's happening with Noida traffic park, really?

Aradhana Shukla, additional chief secretary (transport), paid a visit to the construction site of Noida Authority’s traffic park in Sector 108 yesterday. And she found no reason to be happy. 

Work on the park had started in 2015, and it was to be completed by October 2016. After missing the 2016 deadline, a new time frame for July 2017 was set up. But that too was missed and, as the inspection revealed, the work is not even halfway through.  

The authority is spending Rs 40 crore for the project, and the costs are mounting with every missed deadline.

Shukla hauled up the officials for the delay, and said she would file a complaint against such slow pace of work, and take action against certain officials. 

She also inspected the quality of construction material being used. On this count too, she felt disappointed. She also spoke of sending a report on the same to the UP chief minister very soon.

The park is to provide a place for officials to hold meetings and organise workshops on safe driving. It is to simulate actual road conditions, with signals, traffic lights and crossings. The simulations are to help traffic police in teaching people safe driving.

The traffic park is also to have a special auditorium, where the police can conduct special seminars on traffic rules for children. So far, the traffic police and RTOs have been going to schools to hold seminars. The auditorium is still under construction.

"Such parks are scattered across Europe, but are not common in India. We have one such park in Lucknow," said RS Gautam, project engineer, traffic cell, Noida Authority.