Dwarka’s Parminder Khetrapal knows how to battle smog. Do you?
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Dwarka’s Parminder Khetrapal knows how to battle smog. Do you?

This indomitable fighter from Sector 23 knows not to give up. This time, he’s made a battery-operated spray pump his friend. Here’s why…

Dwarka’s  Parminder Khetrapal knows how to battle smog. Do you? Parminder Khetrapal at work

Parminder Khetrapal of New Kanchanjunga Apartments in Sector 23 believes in taking matters into his own hands when all else fails — a philosophy that has seen him through life.

If not mending potholes, he is sprinkling water from his society’s roof top to bring down dust levels in his surroundings.

And, this time too, he has been blessed with success.

Every day, in the mornings and in the evenings, he goes up to his rooftop and uses a battery-operated spray pump to sprinkle water on all sides of the building. He uses 120 litres of water every day. Once done, he makes it a point to share his efforts with various RWAs and resident groups through WhatsApp.

Here’s how the initiative came about.

“Delhi is again covered with smog, but this time I was going to do something about it. So, I turned to Google for some intense research. I found out that smog — tiny suspended particles of pollutants — if made heavy with water will settle down on the ground naturally. Water mist has been successfully used in many cases for clearing out smog from the atmosphere.”

Khetrapal, a man of action, promptly got himself a battery-operated spray pump, and so began a successful routine.  

Says Khetrapal, “It completely removed smog from the area below. And it’s certainly inexpensive, since the spray pump doesn’t cost much. Here’s more — a sweet fragrance of freshly drenched earth permeates the premises. So this is my way of helping Delhi to steer out this nightmare.”

If done twice, during mornings and evenings, most societies would be able to battle the harmful effects of smog at least locally, feels Khetrapal.  

Inspired? Snap up a spray pump, and get yourself to work.