Delhi Government puts forth a tight mandate to schools on children's safety
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Delhi Government puts forth a tight mandate to schools on children's safety

Delhi government has come out with 177 guidelines to ensure safety and security of children within school premises. Any deviation from these shall be dealt with strictly.

Delhi Government puts forth a tight mandate to schools on children's safety

The brutal killing of seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur at Ryan International School Gurgaon two months ago was a wakeup call for not just the parents of school children, but also for the administrators of schools and government authorities.

The Education Department of the Delhi Government has come out with a long list of guidelines for enhancing safety and security of children studying in schools of  Delhi.

There are 177 guidelines, which schools shall have to comply strictly with. The government will soon issue the check list to all the government and privately run schools in the national capital.

Manish Sisodia, Delhi Education Minister, made this announcement while inaugurating a workshop for parents of government school children at Rohini on Saturday.

 “The checklist has been designed to frame the minimum standards of school safety. The emphasis is on zero tolerance against any violation in this regard. Practicability of implementation and monitoring of the guidelines has been kept in mind,” a Delhi government official said.

The check list on safety of school children includes the setting up of a school safety committee, monthly safety walks to identify loopholes in security in the premises, securing boundary walls with grills, CCTV surveillance, maintaining records of every entry into the school and restricting the number of visitors.

As per the new guidelines of the Delhi Government, all toilets should be well lit and have easy release lock from inside, with no provisions for locking them from outside. There should be no deployment of male staff in toilets for primary classes and all toilet visits of students up to Class 2 should be supervised by a lady caretaker.

According to sources, the government has also directed that prior written consent from parents must be obtained for allowing children to stay back after school hours. Any activities held beyond school timings should be supervised by at least two teachers, the guidelines insist.

Students visit to laboratories, sports room, auditorium, library, computer room, gymnasium and assembly hall etc. should be under direct supervision of the relevant teachers, the new guidelines stipulate.