Addya's father: "Signatures in the case file were forged"


Addya's father: "Signatures in the case file were forged"

Gurgaon's Fortis Hospital allegedly duplicated the parents' signatures on several papers in the case file of Addya Singh, who died of dengue on September 14.

Addya's father: Addya Singh's father goes through his daughter's case file

Seven-year-old Addya Singh died from dengue at Gurgaon’s Fortis Hospital. But the fight is far from over for the grieving parents, who are beginning to discover the lengths to which the hospital went to mint money out of the hapless couple.

The hospital allegedly duplicated the parents’ signatures on several papers in Addya’s case file to complete the paperwork. The file, according to the father, ran over 700-plus pages.

The father said, “After pressure from the administration, the hospital gave us the case file of my daughter with 711 pages. At many places, they had forged our signatures. Now I plan to take the fight to court.”

A committee formed by the administration — comprising chief medical officer of Gurgaon, health secretary and other officials from the Haryana government — had called in the father to seek details of the case. During the interaction, he revealed the issue of forgery.

Throwing light on the issue of hiked bills by the hospital, he said, “The hospital administration asked me to raise the amount of health insurance from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, so that they could go ahead with more tests. I did so, and as soon as my insurance amount increased, they began to hike my daily expenses. It was a sharp and sudden increase! They did this despite knowing the reality of the case.”

The father also clarified that the issue at hand was not negligence by the hospital, but its tactics to mint more money out of him.  “We have lost our daughter, and we want to highlight the unscrupulous practices that these hospitals are following. There should be some policy in place to save the parents from such harassment. I will continue my fight till I get justice.”