Juvenile Justice Board passes orders on imperative matters in Ryan case

Photo: Akash Mishra
Posted: Dec 14, 2017

In the latest development in the Ryan murder case, where an 8 year old boy was brutally murdered in the school premises, the Juvenile Justice Board passed certain directions on applications that were presented before the board on Wednesday.  The meeting went on for over two hours.

 The first application in which the legal counsel of the juvenile in conflict with law has pleaded that the court mandate of prosecuting him as an adult be postponed for three months was dismissed. The application of the defending lawyer requesting for the social background and psychological report of the juvenile was also dismissed.  The board has further stated that the reports shall be shown to all parties in their premises just half an hour before the hearing. 

The application of the CBI requesting for the fingerprints of the juvenile in conflict with law was agreed to. The board has instructed CBI to take the fingerprints of the boy today afternoon from the observation home in Faridabad in the presence of his parents and legal counsel.  

 On the plea of the legal counsel of the juvenile in conflict with law, the board has postponed the hearing date to December 19. Another plea that requested secrecy in terms of the identity of the juvenile (his name and pictures to be concealed from media) was also accepted by the Juvenile Justice Board.  


As far as submitting the documents of the juvenile in conflict with law is concerned, the board mentioned that details would be provided on a real time basis to the investigation officer. The plea about submitting the documents to the board before providing it to the concerned parties was dismissed. 


As far as hearing the matter on the bail application filed by the legal counsel of the juvenile in conflict with law is concerned, a copy of the same was given to the CBI who has been instructed to file a reply (on the same) by December 15.

The Juvenile Justice Board will now hear matters pertaining to the case on Friday, December 15.


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