Delhi Govt plans to start new air-conditioned bus service soon

A DTC bus stand in Delhi
By Praveen Dwivedi
Photo: auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com
Posted: Dec 24, 2017

Delhi Government will start an app-based air-conditioned bus service in the city for the benefit of its residents. As per the plan, the services will be launched in collaboration with private bus operators.

The state government’s transport department is finalizing its policy and would invite private bus operators in the city for detailed discussions, City Spidey has learnt from its sources.

According to an official in the department, “Fares in these air-conditioned bus services will be decided after consultations with private bus operators.”

When pressed, the official revealed that the fares in the proposed air-conditioned bus services would be marginally higher than those prevailing in DTC buses operated by the Delhi Government.

“At present a policy is being discussed for this with officials within the department. Several rounds of meetings were held with officials from other departments too. The policy will soon be finalised,” the official said.

At present, the, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) operates 1500 buses- known as Cluster buses (yellow buses) in collaboration with private entity Delhi Integrated Multi Model System (DIMTS).

As per the policy, now under discussion, the buses run by private operators will pick and drop passengers at stops on a designated route.


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