Noida residents miffed at proposed sewage charges
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Noida residents miffed at proposed sewage charges

Residents say it will only add to their financial burden, as most builders will increase maintenance charges too after this.

Noida residents miffed at proposed sewage charges

Noida residents are expressing displeasure over the Authority’s announcement to collect sewage charges from them. They say the Authority has not even given them basic urban amenities — and rumours of a hike in water charges have added fuel to fire.

Though the exact hike in water charges and the amount for sewage collection have not been officially disclosed by the Authority, sources say the charges will be on a par with Delhi. Residents are calling the proposed hikes unjustified, as, even as the rates of these public services will be on a par with Delhi, the services will in no way be.

The proposed sewage charge will affect residents, especially those living in high-rise societies, since they are already contending with a slew of builder issues, such as inflated electricity bills. If sewage charges are imposed, the builders will automatically increase maintenance charges, they say.

Aditya Kumar, a resident of Sector 74, said that Noida Authority is definitely going to compound their financial burdens by enforcing the sewage charge. “The Authority must put some regulation into place, such that builders cannot charge more than a fixed amount,” Kumar added.

Sukhvindar Singh, another high-rise resident, said that the builder had already collected thousands of rupees in the name of the sewage charges while selling flats. "If a separate sewage charge is levied, the money that the people have deposited with the builder should be returned," Singh added. 

Rajeev Rautela, a resident of Sector 51, had another grouse. He said that the quality of water supplied by Noida Authority was poor. “With very little pressure, the water does not reach the upper floors. The Authority must first focus on quality and then increase the rate,” he said.

VP Singh, a resident of Sector 31, said that the irony of the situation was that while the Authority was talking about introducing urban facilities in the city from June, it was planning to collect charges for this from April.