Delhi Government rejects user fees proposed by MCD

Photo: Ecosoft.org
Posted: Jan 20, 2018

The Delhi Government has raised objections on the MCD’s proposal of levying user charges under the Solid Waste Management (SWM) rules that were revised in 2016.

About two months ago the Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) along with a set of environment experts had framed a draft of bye laws on Solid Waste Management (SWM) proposing user charges on individual households. The proposal was then sent to the state government for approval. City Spidey had reported this development on November 23.

The Delhi Government has now returned the proposal saying it would translate to an additional financial burden on the residents of the city. Speaking to City Spidey, Satyendra Kumar Jain, Delhi Urban Development Minister, said, “Collection of garbage comes under the obligatory functions of Delhi Municipal Corporation.” 

The government, however has agreed to allow the imposition of user charges on the commercial and industrial units of the city.

The draft suggesting user charges was framed jointly by local authorities and a court appointed panel of environmental experts. According to sources it was the environment expert panel that had actually proposed the user charges.

As per the draft proposal, buildings with floor areas upto 50 square meters (within residential areas) shall be charged Rs 50 per month by way of municipal user fee. Depending on square feet area of buildings, different charges have been proposed.

The draft committee had also proposed different charges on commercial establishments, eating places, hotels, restaurants etc subject to their capacity. These range from Rs 500 to Rs 5000.


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