Gurgaon: Police presence beefed up to tighten security
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Gurgaon: Police presence beefed up to tighten security

A group of men damaged a cinema hall in an upscale mall near Sohna Road to protest against the screening of Padmaavat.

Gurgaon: Police presence beefed up to tighten security

The agitation over the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film Padmaavat, which reached Gurgaon on Sunday, turned uglier as a cinema hall in one of the high-end malls in the city were vandalised by a group of men.

Taking charge of the situation, the police has increased its presence in various parts of the city, not only in cinema halls and malls but also in bus stands, railway stations an marketplaces, said Ravinder Yadav, public relations officer, Gurgaon Police.

"We have deployed an extra force of 300 in the east, 150 in the west and 50 in the south areas for safety against antisocial elements," he added. Talking to City Spidey, police commissioner Sandeep Khirwar said, “We are increasing patrolling in the city and have asked for additional police deployment at various public places, not only in malls.”

He added, “We are on the lookout for the group involved and will keep a check on all vulnerable spots in the city."There are about 65 patrolling vehicles in the city and about  60 bikes on duty at present.While the police are on a hunt for the miscreants, the government has assured action against anyone who engages in antisocial activities or breaks law and order in the city