Strengthen local governance ...FONRWA tells minister in-charge of GB Nagar

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Posted: Feb 02, 2018

Members of FONRWA (Federation of Noida RWAs), the apex body of city RWAs, had met Jai Pratap Singh, UP Excise Minister and minister in-charge of GB Nagar on Thursday night  demanding the resolution of common issues concerning the residents.

Among other things, FONRWA demanded for the recognition of RWAs, the establishment of exclusive municipal divisions, public representation on the Noida Board, conversion of leasehold land into freehold land and implementation of a robust ecosystem for solid-waste management.

NP Singh, FONRWA president, told City Spidey that they have also demanded for legal recognition and financial autonomy of RWAs.  “RWAs do the same work as elected representatives. Yet, we don't have any powers. We should have legal recognition and financial powers to develop civic amenities,” Singh said.

In the course of the meeting, FONRWA also reiterated the absence of municipal divisions within the Noida Authority. “We want the establishment of such divisions so that civic and municipal services in Noida can improve,” Singh stated.

Representation of FONRWA on the Noida Board was another important issue that was addressed.  “We want at least two representatives from FONRWA to be part of Noida Board. Noida should also be made a smart city,” a FONRWA member shared.

Today after four decades of Noida’s inception, the obsolete system of lease-hold property continues. “The residents of the city, therefore, still feel insecure. A majority of them have already paid a one-time lease rent. Hence, this 99-year lease is sheer injustice towards the residents of the city," Singh said.

Speaking about the issue of waste management, Singh said that there is no yard for garbage e dumping. As a result, garbage collected from homes is thrown on the pavements or on vacant plots translating to health hazards. “Further, a water treatment plant should also be installed in Noida so that residents of the city get good quality water. Right now every house has installed water purifiers,” Singh added.

Last but not the least, FONRWA representatives have also demanded for a proper policy to govern the local trade vendors who have encroached the roads.


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