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Thieves break into a house in Suncity, escape with Rs 7 lakh booty

Posted: Feb 11, 2018     By Reena Dhankher

In yet another incident that has left residents of Suncity, Gurgaon, worried about security, thieves broke into a house in the township and stole valuables and cash worth Rs 7 lakh. The owner of the house was away to Jaipur when the incident took place.

The theft took place in a house in Block D of the Suncity township, whose grill doors were taken off the hinges by the thieves. The locks of cupboards were broken and they were found ransacked.

Satish Kaushik (62), the owner of the house, is a psychologist who had gone to Jaipur to meet a patient.

“On opening the door, I found the almirahs open and cash and jewellery belonging to my children missing. My safe was opened. My total loss is around Rs 7 lakh,” said Kaushik. Besides cash and jewellery, nothing was stolen.

“The thieves seemed to have been professionals who must have worn gloves, as not new fingerprints weren't found,” added Kaushik, quoting police officials.

The police are investigating the case. The police arrived at the spot at night itself, and by morning the fingerprint experts had also arrived, along with the investigating officer.

"The case is under investigation and we will put all our efforts in tracing the culprits," said a police official.


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