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Noida Authority to start collecting unpaid water bills from defaulters

Posted: Feb 13, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

On Monday, Noida Authority started issuing notices to builders who have not paid their water bills. According to the authorities, the pending water dues to be collected from various residential societies, commercial buildings and independent houses are approximately Rs 28 crore.

Allegedly, builders are charging the residents for water but faltering on their payments to Noida Authority, on account of which the latter is losing revenue. “We have to receive a consolidated amount of Rs 10 crore from various developers of residential projects in the city,” stated an employee of Noida Authority.

Granite Gate Property in Sector 127 has pending water dues of Rs 7.79 crore, Amrapali Platinum in Sector 119 of Rs 58.9 lakh, Gaur Grandeur in Sector 119 of Rs 71.4 lakh, and Grand Omaxe in Sector 93 of Rs 36 lakh. A sum of Rs 50 lakh has to be retrieved from local builders.

On the other hand, the Authority has to collect water bills worth Rs 5 crore from commercial buildings and Rs 3 crore from independent houses. “International Recreation Park Private Limited in Sector 38A has pending water bills of Rs 11.62 crore,” an official source of the Noida Authority stated.

Speaking to City Spidey, SC Arora, project engineer with Noida Authority, said that the notices have specified that the pending bills have to be deposited within a week, failing which the defaulters are liable for punitive action.

Hardeep Singh, a resident of Amrapali Platinum in Sector 119, informed City Spidey that the builder had also defaulted in paying the electricity bill. “He owes more than Rs 1 crore to the authorities by way of electricity bills,” Singh revealed.

Singh said that he had written a letter to the IRP (interim resolution professional) regarding the matter.  


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