Water shortage hits Dwarka even before it's summer. What's DJB's excuse?

Photo: Samrat Roy
Posted: Feb 20, 2018

Water supply in Dwarka is going from bad to worse. Last week it was unbearable for much if the sub-city, with hardly any water to carry out daily requirements.  

When asked Delhi Jal Board (DJB) lines up reasons such as maintenance of water pipelines, pollution in the Yamuna river and a reduced volume of water released from the Munac canal, Haryana. But does that alleviate residents’ problems? Does DJB have any back-up plans in place?

“We faced a crisis last week and we will face it in future as well, because DJB has no alternative arrangements in place. River pollution is nothing new, so why couldn’t they have taken prior measures to meet the demand?” said Neeraj Vatsa, a resident of Sector 12. “On the other hand, if societies are depending on water tankers, then the question arises where are these tankers getting their supply from? If water tankers can get their supply from private parties, why can’t DJB do the same in times of crisis?”

According to DJB, water treatment plants in Delhi have been able to churn out a lot less water because of reduced supply from the Munac canal. This has led to low pressure and insufficient supply for a few days last week. Cleaning of tanks and maintenance of pipelines have added to the issue.

However, RWAs maintained that DJB should have had a back-up plan. “In cooperative group housing societies, the situation is worse, because booster pumps have been removed. We are stuck in a tight spot, and it’s not even summer yet!” said an exasperated resident.

DDA pockets in Sector 12 are some of the worst sufferers. In a talk with City Spidey, former general secretary of the Dwarkadheesh Apartments RWA in Sector 12, Anjana Sinha, said, “Supply was smooth earlier, but that’s not the case these days. DJB should really look into the issue. Pockets 5, 6 and 7 are bad affected.”

Many societies are even being compelled to use borewells. President of Ganpati Apartments, Advocate KS Bhati, said, “We do not get sufficient supply, so we have to use groundwater too to meet the necessary quantity. It shows how far removed DJB is from the problems of residents.”

And it shows. Whatever claims DJB makes, it is a fact that it is yet to go a long way in ensuring proper supply of water to the sub-city. “And the problem is aggravating,” said NK Garg, a resident of Sector 10. “What is DJB doing about it?”

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