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Stray animals can now be treated on the spot, thanks to this initiative

Posted: Feb 28, 2018     By Avishek Dubey

At a time when people are far too harsh on anything that doesn't take human form, comes a sliver of hope for our four-legged friends. A 24x7 free animal dispensary and mobile OPD has been opened for strays in Sector 55, Noida, this Monday. Animals rescued by the dispensary will be admitted at the Animal Hospital and Shelter, Sector 94, Noida, which was formerly known as SPCA.  

The initiative came from House of Stray Animals, a charitable organisation dedicated to the care of strays in the NCR.

The dispensary has been set up on the main road, leading towards Khoda village.



The dispensary has basic facilities such as X-Ray, a mini operation theatre, a mobile OPD and an ambulance. The dispensary will provide free anti-rabies vaccination as well. The organisation has tied up with Dr Lal PathLabs for blood tests.

Sanjay Mohapatra, founder of the House of Stray Animals, told City Spidey that the clinic will be overseen by veterinary doctors and have a mobile OPD to cover strays in different areas. “The facility of emergency operations while on the go will also be available for animals who have suffered serious injuries in accidents,” he added.



House of Stray Animals has been working with strays for the past 10 years, and this dispensary has been a dream come true for Mohapatra.  

“We have got permission to run this dispensary for a year now. We’ll be happy if people come forward and donate to our cause,” he said.

The organisation will also be setting up adoption camps in societies, universities and schools to encourage people and children to adopt strays.



Those wishing to get in touch with the organisation or the dispensary can do so at 9818048398.

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