'Community music group' is the new buzzword in Dwarka
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'Community music group' is the new buzzword in Dwarka

Residents of Dwarka are forming music groups to encourage upcoming talent. While some of these groups focus on classical music others revolve around Bollywood genres across decades.  

'Community music group' is the new buzzword in Dwarka Members of the Dwarka Kala Sargam

A new phenomenon is trending in Dwarka – community music groups are being floated to give a platform to seasoned singers and musicians and encourage fresh talent. Some of these groups are centered around Bollywood music while others focus on classical music. The trained singers and musicians of these groups often come together to entertain people by holding events in different residential communities of the sub city.

Dwarka Kala Sargam, Sur Sanjeevani, Sur Sangam, Dwarka Beats and Dwarka Maitri are some of the prominent music groups. The members often have a live orchestra.

Govind Saraswati, a maestro of classical music has formed a group called Sur Angan.  Talking to City Spidey he said “I formed this group to encourage budding classical vocalists. I am happy that both trained singers and learners are performing in this platform.” The culture of ‘Baithak’ is also trending in Dwarka. Baithaks essentially focus on specific genres of singing like Thumri, Kajri and Gazal etc.

Baithaks (sitting sessions) are often informal and organised at residences. Anywhere between five and twenty people get together in a baithak to hear renditions of their favourite songs by trained singers of their community.

PP Bansal, a music lover who resides in Ganpati Apartments has been promoting the culture of baithaks in Dwarka. He said, “I love listening to semi classical music, which is often the flavour of baithaks. We also organise baithaks during festivals.” 

Some music groups also have bathroom singers along with trained singers. These groups focus on movie songs and ghazals. Most of the members of such groups are retired people or senior citizens. They organise performance sessions (through their own contributions) in the community halls of various residential societies.

Speaking to City Spidey, Sashi Jain, a resident of Dwarka who is associated with Dwarka Beats and Dwarka Kala Sargam, said, “Dwarka Beats is a one-year-old organisation that is striving for social integration through music. Dwarka Kala Sargam is the pioneer musical group of Dwarka that provides a platform to aspiring singers. It is seven years old now. We do shows in different societies of Dwarka and try to create bonds among the residents. We do not charge anything.”

The trend of community music groups has become so popular that the managements and RWAs of the societies are now inviting these groups to perform. 

Joint secretary of Harsukh Apartments, Sector 7, Ravi Jaitely said, “These music groups are now an integral part of the social life in Dwarka. Even people in their seventies and eighties are part of such groups. They practise for their performances, which in itself is very inspiring for others."