RESIDENT SPEAK: Noida Authority does not listen...Residents approach City Spidey
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RESIDENT SPEAK: Noida Authority does not listen...Residents approach City Spidey

About a month ago, Col RK Sabharwal, a resident of NRI Residency in Sector 45 had sent a letter to the CEO of Noida Authority. The civic body seems to be sleeping over the issue addressed in the letter as it has not communicated anything. 

RESIDENT SPEAK: Noida Authority does not listen...Residents approach City Spidey

People who live in villages surrounding the satellite towns of NCR are now wanting to be seen and heard as far as civic issues and decisions are concerned. A case in point are the villagers of Chalera and Sadarpur. Both these villages lie in the vicinity of Noida Sector 45. The villagers are vociferously demanding for a Baraat Ghar to be constructed over a ten acre plot that has been earmarked for community welfare activities. However, all the residents of the high rise gated societies of Sector 45 are demanding for a yoga park on this very site.

We are strongly opposing the Baraat Ghar. Loud blaring music and customary firing of gunshots on special occasions are some obvious reasons for contention. Moreover, societies like Amrapali Saphire, Prateek Skylome, NRI Residency and Unitech Flats, which fall in the immediate vicinity of this vacant ten acre plot, are concentrated in a relatively small area. There are about thirty thousand flats here. This sheer density itself defies the construction of the Baarat Ghar. It should be constructed at an alternate site, closer to the village. There are numerous site options that the Noida Authority can explore and suggest. 

On February 8, we (a group of residents from Sector 45) had met Alok Tandon, CEO of Noida Authority in relation to the issue. We had also submitted a written appeal to stop the construction of the Baraat Ghar and convert the area into a yoga cum jogging area. In its response, the authority had summoned a meeting at the site the very next day. A large number number of villagers had turned up. Fearing that the situation would take an ugly turn, we on our part had avoided the meeting. Needless to say, Noida Authority should not have called for this stakeholder meeting at a time when tempers were running high.  

Thereafter on February 12, I had written a letter to Alok Tandon, CEO of Noida Authority, urging him to take a logical decision in favour of the urban community. Today almost a month has passed. The authority seems to be sleeping over the issue as no decision has been communicated from their side yet. I can only hope that they cross examine all facts and make a decision in our favour. After all we are not against the villagers having a Baarat Ghar. We only don’t want it in this particular site as among other things it can also threaten the peace and security of children, women and senior citizens. Besides, there are already many community centres and clubs in this part of the sector. Therefore a yoga cum jogging centre will be a refreshing addition, something which residents of high rise societies and villagers can equally benefit from.  

Last but not the least, when we took possession of our flats, our builders did not mention anything about this Baarat Ghar. Simply because it was actually never a part of the original plan.

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