Antriksh Golf View II residents on a war path against the builder
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Antriksh Golf View II residents on a war path against the builder

Yet again, they expressed their discontent today through protests. Illegal construction, lack of basic facilities, false promises, unjust deductions — their list of woes continues to grow.  

Antriksh Golf View II residents on a war path against the builder

Illegal construction... lack of basic facilities... unfair deductions from pre-paid meters... no garbage-disposal mechanism in place    

The list of worries is endless for these hapless homeowners of Antriksh Golf View II in Sector 78, Noida. And so they took out a protest today, as they had done earlier to bring the builder to dock. 

A resident lamented, "The garbage has not been cleared in the last four days... how is it possible to live in such conditions? The common areas are particularly affected. Things have gone out of hand."   

Shweta Bharti, another resident, said the builder is making illegal flats on the ground floor without the approval of Noida Authority. Nothing was mentioned about this construction in the builder-buyer agreement too. “We want the Authority to take proper action against the builder and stop illegal construction work,” she added.

Also, owing to lack of completion certificates, flats are yet to be registered, and that's another big worry for the residents. They are also facing considerable difficulties because of construction activities on the premises.

Manoj Tyagi, a resident, lashed out, “We complained about the problems to the staff working on behalf of the builder, but no action was taken to redeem the situation.”

He added, “Before Holi, the builder deducted water and maintenance charges to the tune of Rs 1,000 from our prepaid electricity meters without informing us. After several protests, he returned the amount, but has now found new ways to torture us.”

Residents are also planning to approach the local MLA Pankaj Singh.

City Spidey tried to contact the maintenance department of the society, but no one received the calls.