A resident of one of these 14 colonies? Comply or face demolition says MCG
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A resident of one of these 14 colonies? Comply or face demolition says MCG

The residents of 14 colonies regularised by the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) are expected to submit all the relevant documents and fee by June 6

A resident of one of these 14 colonies? Comply or face demolition says MCG
As a resident of one of the 14 colonies regularised by the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) department on December 6 you have a new pressing problem. You have to submit your building plan applications and other necessary documents by June 6, otherwise their properties will be termed illegal.
Both the state government and the MCG has issued separate circulars in this regard warning the residents that would be sealed and demolished in case they are declared illegal.
The 14 colonies in question are—Cancon Enclave Part 1 and 2, Vikas Nagar, Bhim Colony, areas besides Tikri Village, Hari Nagar Extension Part 1 and 2, Ghasola Village, Shri Ram Colony, Naharpur Rupa, Devi Lal Extension, areas besides Jharsa Village Extension, New Jyoti Park Colony, Surat Nagar Phase-1 Extension, Patel Nagar Extension and Shiv Nagar.
MCG officials stated that areas near Harsaru village are also among the colonies that were regularized by the ULB, but since it does not fall under the jurisdiction of the MCG, a different set of provisions govern them.
“The regularisation paved the way for the municipal corporation to develop civic amenities and infrastructure for residents living in these colonies. But to avail of these facilities, they have to submit their building plans. If they fail to submit all the relevant documents by June 6, the MCG will initiate sealing or demolition of such structures under the Haryana Municipal Corporation Act, 1994,” said Sudhir Singh Chauhan, Senior Town Planner of MCG.
The ULB department regularised these colonies under the provisions of Section 3 of the Haryana Management of Civic Amenities and Infrastructure Deficient Municipal Areas (Special Provision) Act, 2016.
According to the MCG officials, under this Act, plot owners of these 14 colonies must comply with certain norms by the June 6 deadline.
According to MCG officials, house owners who with already constructed houses need to submit an ‘as-built’ plan along with a scrutiny fee at the rate of ₹10 per square meter of the covered area, and development charges at ₹1,250 per square metre.
In case of vacant plots, the building plan applications as prescribed in the Haryana Building Code, 2017, along with necessary documentation needs to be submitted by the plot owners. Scrutiny fee as well as development fee would be the same as in the case of already constructed houses.
The MCG officials added that plot owners can avail a 10% rebate in development charges if they pay a lump sum before April 30.
“The owner will need to pay the developmental charges and then only will the final building plans get approval. If someone opts to submit the development fee in installments then the building plan will be approved, subject to further confirmation,” Chauhan concluded.