Gujarat governor's house in Noida Sector 50 burgled in broad daylight!
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Gujarat governor's house in Noida Sector 50 burgled in broad daylight!

The incident occurred when no one was at home. The main lock was found broken in the afternoon; and cash and jewellery discovered stolen.

Gujarat governor's house in Noida Sector 50 burgled in broad daylight!

If a high-ranking public official's house can be broken into in broad daylight, are any of our homes safe? This was the question on every resident's mind today, when news of Gujarat governor Om Prakash Kohli's house in Noida Sector 50 being burgled reached them.

Kohli's house, No D-6, was broken into when no one was at home this morning, and cash and jewellery were stolen. Unfortunately, Kohli's house did not have CCTV cameras installed, and the police have to rely on footage from cameras in the neighbourhood. 

Incidentally, the occupant of the house, the governor's daughter Ritu Kohli, who is an assistant professor in an Ambala college, was out of town when the incident happened. In her absence, the house was being looked after by a caretaker, Dhobi Lal. 

According to the police, Dhobi Lal left the house around 10 am today for some work. When he got back around 1.30 pm, he saw the main lock of the house broken and the wardrobes ransacked, with cash and jewellery missing. 


Hear Dhobi Lal talk about the burglary


Neighbours and other residents have understandably been left shaken by this burglary in a high-ranking public official's house. If it can happen to a governor's house, what chance do they, normal citizens, stand?

“The burglars broke into the house and ransacked three rooms on the ground floor and the first floor. The locks of all the wardrobes were broken. Cash and jewellery were taken; only clothes and other accessories were left behind,” the police said.

Dr Ajaypal Sharma, SSP of Gautam Budh Nagar, said they were still trying to estimate the value of the stolen jewellery and cash. “However, some jewellery was also left behind," he added. "Three police teams have been formed to investigate the burglary and the miscreants will be arrested soon.” 

However, the police has not received any written complaint so far.