Gurgaon: DLF Phase 2 will now have its own e-rickshaw service
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Gurgaon: DLF Phase 2 will now have its own e-rickshaw service

An auto service provider called SmartE was signed on for the service this Wednesday to take residents around the colony.

Gurgaon: DLF Phase 2 will now have its own e-rickshaw service

Residents of DLF Phase 2 no longer need to worry about commuting within the colony, as the RWA has signed an agreement with a battery-operated auto service provider to have e-rickshaws plying within the premises exclusively for the use of residents. The agreement was signed with SmartE, and the e-rickshaws were launched on Wednesday, to be operated on a hop-on-hop-off basis, at Rs 10 between any two points.

Apart from resolving commuting issues, the service is expected to eliminate the need for unmetered and usually exorbitant autorickshaws within the colony.

Hira Singh, ACP (Highways), and Puran Singh, general manager of the property management arm of DLF, flagged off the service with an initial fleet of 10 e-rickshaws. Officials said more e-rickshaws would be added in time.

According to the RWA, the e-rickshaws will cover the main arterial roads of DLF Phase 2, such as Akashneem Marg, Jacaranda Marg and Bougainvillaea Marg, and will also ply to the DLF Phase 2 Metro station.

“This is a huge relief to us. Earlier, we had to shell out at least Rs 50 for the regular autorickshaws to move around the colony,” said Rahul Gupta, a resident.

Another resident, Sujata Goenka, said, “Taking the regular autoriskshaws was also a question of security. Now I know I can take verified vehicles to travel within the colony. Plus it is cost-effective.”

"The e-rickshaws have been given designated parking spots. A few will also be parked at the DLF Phase 2 police station," said Umesh Gupta, RWA president.

Apart from DLF Phase 2 residents, those in DLF Square and Atria are also expected to benefit from the facility.