Dwarka societies make it more difficult for miscreants... how?
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Dwarka societies make it more difficult for miscreants... how?

To aid policing, they are now installing CCTV cameras facing the roads and back lanes. 

Dwarka societies make it more difficult for miscreants... how?

When things get out of control, you seize control — and that’s what RWAs and society managements have decided to do in Dwarka. They have started installing cameras on service lanes and back lanes for better surveillance.

The measure comes in the wake of rising incidents of chain snatching and other crimes in the sub-city. In fact, in some cases, evidence gathered from CCTV cameras has helped the police in nabbing the miscreants.

Here’s what Satyam Chakraborty, a resident of Suruchi Apartments in Sector 10, had to say. “My mother’s mobile was snatched a couple of days back near Golak Dham Mandir in Sector 10. Somehow, an insignificant footage was found in CCTV camera, but the bike number plate was not visible. That’s because there was only one CCTV camera on the entire stretch. Had there been more cameras, more details could have been gathered. If all societies can have one camera facing the road, it will definitely reveal better details. Most of us have the cameras positioned within the society, but one camera should face the road.”

In recent past, Beverly Park in Sector 22 helped the police in cracking three incidents with the help of CCTV footage. President of the society, OP Yadav, said, “We have a total 141 CCTV cameras — of them, we have put two each facing the service lane and back lane. Now, we are going to adjust those so that number plates of vehicles are captured clearly.”

President of Garden Estate in Sector 22, Col KS Chaudhry, “We are going to shift one of our cameras towards the service lane. It’s our duty to help the police with the resources we have. We are a small society, but strategically located in the sector. If we put one CCTV for the service lane, it would help to a great extent in policing.”

Dwarka Police, in its meetings with the RWAs and managements of societies, has also been laying stress on outward-facing cameras to capture footage of streets and lanes.

ACP, Dwarka, Rajendra Singh, said, “Societies have been helping us in policing. This small step on their part has made a big difference in solving cases. I am thankful to them. I do hope all societies will eventually install lane-facing cameras.”