Construction waste in Dwarka
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
RESIDENT SPEAK: Construction waste, dust, pollution add to Dwarka's woes

Posted: Apr 22, 2018     By AS Chatwal

Construction waste dumped all over Dwarka Sector 9, has compounded our problems. It can be witnessed on both sides of the roads, near institutional areas, godowns and various other places.

Even the DDA flats, the upcoming Indira Gandhi super speciality hospital and parks have not been spared and the garbage is scattered all over the place.

All the construction debris lying in the sector has also led to the rise of pollution and dust. The local residents are highly concerned with this matter as it could lead to the spread of diseases such as dengue, malaria, etc.

It seems that unauthorised tractors and trolleys dump construction waste in the scector, particularly in the afternoon or late in the night.

Further, space has shrunken on the roads for motorists and car owners with dirt and debris strewn around. This has even led to some minor accidents when cyclists and motorists have fallen over the waste.

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