Spellbinding classical music, poetry recitation enthral Dwarka residents

Classical programme in Dwarka
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Apr 30, 2018

Delhi Sangeet Samkalp, an organisation that provides a platform for budding classical artists, singers and instrumentalists, organised a musical programme for Dwarka residents on Sunday.

Spellbinding classical songs, music and sitar mesmerised the audience at Sur Mandir, Sector 12 market. On the other hand, poets of the sub-city enthralled the residents at Sector 11, DDA park.

A beautiful rendition of raga Sudh Klyan by Antara Chakroborty Shah of Dwarka followed by a performance of raga Shri on sitar by her husband Gopal Krishna Shah were the main attractions of the evening. Further, both the performances were accompanied by Hitendra Srivastava on tabla and Ashwani Kumar on harmonium.

Shikha Ganguli, director of Sur Mandir told City Spidey, “This event was organised for promoting classical music in Dwarka. We will be conducting more such events in future.”

Moreover, it was the first of its kind event organised by Delhi Sangeet Samkalp (DSS) in Dwarka this year. Secretary of DSS, Richa Jain said, “ We have been promoting classical musiSc and classical artists from the sub-city. DSS wants to support budding artists or those who are in crisis. Last year couple of programmes were organised in Dwarka but this year it was our first programme. We will be organising more such events in the area as they bring artists of the community closer to the residents. On the other hand, these events also help artists to earn recognition amongst a wider audience.”

The DDA park at Sector 11 was witness to an amazing poetry recitation programme. It was organised by Dwarka collective, a group of intellectuals promoting intellectual discourse in the community. Poets such as Prem Bihari Mishra from Chitrakoot apartments Sector 22, Dr Dhananjay Joshi from IP University and Taish Potwari from East Delhi recited their poetry to a wide audience.

Ramesh Mumukshu from Dwarka Collective said, “Dwarka Collective has organised such an informal poetry recitation programme for the first time. We have been conducting such events from many years on various subjects like art, culture, music , politics ,science, environment, theatre etc. We are trying to develop a strong bond among the residents through such programs.”


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