World Laughter Day celebrations
Photo: Avishek Dubey
Resident Speak: Jalvayu Vihar Laughter Club celebrates World Laughter Day

Posted: May 04, 2018     By Narinder Mahajan

World Laughter Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to raise awareness about laughter and its various benefits.

We, the members of  Jalvayu Vihar Laughter Club celebrated the event on Friday in the presence of Dr Madan Kataria, founder of the Laughter Yoga International movement. 

Dr. Kataria conducted a laughter yoga session for more than four hundred participants from NCR. Most of the participants were senior citizens and women. Children of Ankur and Sai schools of Noida also participated in the event. 

Mrs. Madhuri Kataria, wife of Dr. Kataria, Mr. Jay & Mrs. Aparna Amaran from the World Bank, Dr. Santosh Sahi – Founder of Delhi Academy of Laughter Yoga, Mr. Arun Sethi- President of Delhi laughter club, Mrs. Neelam Wadehra- VP of Delhi Laughter Club and Mr. Durga Dass - Founder of Delhi Laughter Club attended the event as guests. All of them were received by Ashok Sawhney - President of Jalvayu Vihar Laughter club.

Yoga Guru Dr. Katararia said that laughter de-stresses people and makes them cheerful. He announced that he has purchased land for fulfilling his dream of building a Laughter Yoga International University at Bengaluru. Further, he added that the silver jubilee of World laughter Day will be celebrated by May 2020 in the University.

Dr Kataria also released a souvenir for World Laughter Day.  

Many participants suffering from ailments such as blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis have benefitted a lot from Laughter Yoga. Their views are shared below: 

Prabha Arora 

Since I joined Laughter Yoga on April 15, my backache and knee pain have benn totally cured. 

Meenakshi Sharma

Although I have been associated with Jalvayu Vihar Laughter Club since 2015, I used to miss a lot of sessions earlier. I have been attending the laughter sessions since April 2016 on a regular basis. This in turn has improved my health and I feel very happy.

Mrs. Neelam Kumar

Laughter Yoga has helped me in a big-way. I used to feel run-down, weak and restless. Laughing aloud in a group on a regular basis has improved my energy levels and kept my diabetes under control. 

Surendra Grover 

I am not only blessed but fortunate to be part of this amazing Laughter Club.  I was undergoing through a turbulent phase in April 2015. However, Dr. Kataria inspired me to joing the club and since then my life has completely transformed. Today, I don't even feel that I am a physically challenged person.

Ashok Dua

We should always keep on laughing and respect our traditions. These are important for a happy and stress-free life.

Madhu Paliwal

Although I have been associated with Jalvayu Vihar Laughter Club since 2015, I used to miss a lot of sessions earlier. However, since April 2016, I have been attending the laughter sessions on a regular basis. As a result, my fitness standards have witnessed excellent improvement.

Govind Singh

I faced a lot of depression and tension in my younger days. I even used to fear that my future will be destroyed. However, since joining the laughter club, my mental strength has improved a lot. As a result, I have started writing poetries.

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Subhash Verma

Posted 10 months ago

My association with the Jalvayu Laughter Club (JLC), Noida, UP is as old as the Club itself and can rightly claim to be its Founding Member. In the extreme weather of December /January when there have been a few participamts