Photo: Rejimon CK
RESIDENT SPEAK: 'Clean India Mission... a joke in Dwarka'

Posted: May 07, 2018     By Rejimon CK

Sanitation and encroachment are burning issues in Dwarka. The footpaths are being encroached upon by vendors and eateries. At some places, permanent structures are being set up. Such eateries are throwing their waste at roadsides, turning the area into a filth dump. Such practices make a joke of the Clean India Mission.

They are unauthorised, and yet authorities are doing nothing to curb the menace. Food joints and eateries are mainly there doing business from footpaths. Their numbers are increasing with every day.

There's dire need to monitor such rampant acts of encroachment, and take legal action. The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) must think about the situation and where it is leading! It has to do something.



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