RESIDENT SPEAK: Any guesses why iron railings around Dwarka parks go missing...

By AK Parashar
Photo: AK Parashar
Posted: May 11, 2018

Not a single park in Dwarka has its iron railings intact! And South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has not done much to stop this open theft of public property. Also, there’s no initiative to replace them.  

So, burglars have a free here in our sub-city. Their modus operandi is simple — they first break a part of the concrete boundary wall to loosen the railing; wait for few days to ensure that SDMC has not noticed; then, effectively remove the railing without raising any suspicions.

No accountability can be expected from any official — this is how our system works.

RWAs have approached the SDMC and other authorities several times on the matter. A clear demand was put out — SDMC must improve its surveillance and carry out periodical inspection of parks.

But, of course, demands have remained demands.

We expect the SDMC to carry out immediate repairs to protect such thefts. Dwarkaites wish to see a more proactive and community-friendly SDMC.

Can we hope for better , or just call it quits?

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