Ggn: Black headed snake found in Takshila Heights apartments scares residents

Photo: City Spidey
Posted: May 20, 2018

Panic gripped residents of Taksila Heights apartments in Sector 37 C, Gurgaon after a six-foot-long black-headed royal snake was sighted in their area on Saturday night.

The snake was spotted by a security guard, who instantly alerted the wildlife department and members of the residents’ welfare association (RWA). Residents said that three snakes were rescued from this area last month and another two have already been rescued this month.

“The snake was spotted only after it was caught in the net in our nursery. Several residents gathered at the spot where it was sighted and waited for the wildlife department team to arrive,” Vikas Bansal, general secretary, RWA, said.

Residents further claimed that the lack of streetlights and random littering on the road are an open invite to snakes and other reptiles. As a result, they have stopped taking evening walks apart from asking their children not to venture outdoors.

Anil Gandas, conservator, wildlife department, who led the team to rescue the viper, said, “The snake was almost eight years old. We found it in fine fettle and released it into its habitat near the Dwarka Expressway.”

According to officials of the wildlife department, this snake is mostly found in deserts and semi-arid regions of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and parts of Jammu and Kashmir.

Officials suspect that the snake was probably in one of the heavy commercial vehicles that ferry goods from other states and slipped into the residential complex, which is adjacent to several warehouses.

The black-headed royal snake is considered a protected species and is listed under Schedule IV of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972. It is non-venomous in nature.

Wildlife officials said they will write to the authorities to ensure that more streetlights are installed in the area. This in turn will help in preventing the intrusion of snakes and other wild animals in residential colonies.

The officials also rescued a black kite on Friday, which was injured after getting stuck in the iron grills at Sushant Lok-1. It was later sent to People for Animals hospital for treatment.

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