Resident Speak: Gokul Garden Park and nearby areas undergo huge transformation

Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: May 23, 2018

The Gokul Garden park at Sector 7 and its surroundings are known as Walker's Lane as a large number of people visit this area for morning and evening walks. However, the situation was vastly different some time ago and a lot of efforts were put in to beautify this part of the neighbourhood. 

Residents earlier used to avoid the park and its surroundings due to the constant presence of anti-social elements in that area. As a result, we, the residents of the area, were left with no other option than visiting the sector 6 park for morning and evening walks.

However, during one of our morning walks in October 2015, I and a couple of other people from adjoining societies decided to develop this area.

The ‘Morning Walker's Club’ was thus formed by us - Late Bhagwan Singh Jamwal, SD Prasad, IS Khorana, LD Garg and myself Ravi Jaitley.

We discussed our problem with several authorities but didn’t receive required attention from them. Thus, we took the responsibility of transforming this area upon ourselves.

We poured our own finances and hired labourers to clean the area. Upon witnessing our commitment and hard work, other residents too contributed in whatever way they could.

Later on the municipal corporation also stepped in and installed speed breakers in the lane apart from arranging an open gym and lights in the park.

We also roped in an NGO, Parramarthi, for maintenance of the area.

We have installed more than twenty-five benches here and people can be witnessed performing yoga in the mornings. The Gokul Garden park and its surroundings have thus undergone a complete change.



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