Nipah outbreak: Presence of bats in I'puram's Exotica Elegance terrify residents

Bats in Exotica Elegance scare residents
Photo: Puja Raina Mahaldar
Posted: May 23, 2018
By Puja Raina Mahaldar

Residents of Exotica Elegance society of Indirapuram are a worried lot nowadays due to the outbreak of the deadly and contagious Nipah virus in the country.

Their problem stems from the fact that a large number of bats reside in their B block basement.

“Nipah is one of the deadliest viruses known and the scary part is no one has ever heard of it before. Our kids play in the society’s premises and they can be infected by the huge number of bats hanging on the basement wall of our apartment. It's not the first time we have seen the bats but it’s the first time we have heard that they can transmit such a disease”, said Shaili Singh, a resident of Exotica Elegance.

Fed AOA President Alok Kumar said, “President of Exocita Elegance, Rajeev Bali shared his society's concerns with us and we made sure that a complaint was raised on Ghaziabad District Authority's (GDA) portal. Further, we also took care of the fact that a mail was sent to Ghaziabad district magistrate, Ritu Maheshwari. The matter is scary as the Nipah virus has already killed ten people in Kerala.”

“The residents are in a state of panic. We have been witnessing bats in our society for the past 2-3 years but their numbers have increased in recent times. We are worried as no advisory has been issued in Ghaziabad. Further, we are also clueless regarding whom to contact if any problem arises. We want to drive away the bats from the society as a precautionary measure” said Rajeev Bali, President of Exotica Elegance. 

Bali has sent complaint mails to GDA, Ghaziabad DM and Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam. 

“There is no need to panic. In case there is any problem, the residents should inform the relevant department immediately. We have issued Nipah advisory to all the government and private hospitals and asked them to remain vigilant. Anyone displaying symptoms of being infected with the virus should be immediately referred to specialised hospitals” said CMO Ghaziabad, MK Gupta.

Till the time of filing this story, no one from the authority has tried to contact the residents of the society.

The Nipah virus has already claimed ten lives in the southern state of Kerala and led to widespread scare all over the country.


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