Jairam Ramesh talks about water conservation in Dwarka; residents raise issues

By Akhilesh Pandey
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey
Posted: Jun 10, 2018

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh on Saturday said rain water harvesting and proper sewer treatment are the need of the hour as they are one of the most effective ways to save water for the future. He was addressing residents in a programme “Delhi Water Crisis” organised at Dwarka.

Ramesh talked about various ways adopted by different nations to conserve water. He gave examples of countries like Finland and Belgium where water conservation is done very effectively. He also talked about the city of Hyderabad and its ways to conserve water.

The leader said, “While on a visit to Helsinki in Finland, I got to know that they use about 70 per cent of water treated from sewerage. I too used that water. In Hyderabad, people use rooftop as rain water harvesting system. So, we should start thinking seriously to adopt such kind of systems for sustainability.”

During the event, residents raised the issues related to failure of rain water harvesting system in societies and revival of water bodies by the government. A member of water body revival committee made by former LG of Delhi Tajender Khanna, SS Mann, attacked the system by saying that the agencies were not serious on revival of water bodies.

Mann asked the former Cabinet Minister to take the subject into concern and take it to the higher level. People raised voice that most of the societies and institutions had the RWH system for namesake only. They said that most of the societies only show it on paper.

On the subject of RWH, Ramesh too expressed that the RWH system is missing in Delhi and the system is a big failure in planning and execution.

On the occasion, the subject of water problems and sealing of borewells was also raised by the people.

General Secretary of Federation of CGHS Dwarka, Sudha Sinha, shared the existing issues related to water in Dwarka. President of Federation of RWAs of Sector-9, KS Bhati, requested the leader to help the residents on the subject of sealing of borewells in the area.

Former MP of the area Mahabal Mishra was also present during the programme. He shared the history of Dwarka project.

The event was organised by All India Professional Congress in association with Federation of Cooperative Group Housing Societies (FCGHS), Dwarka.

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