Jal Vayu Vihar residents lock horns with RWA over removal of green

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Posted: Jun 12, 2018

Trouble brews at Jal Vayu Vihar in Sector 30, as residents accuse the RWA of removing the society’s green cover to create more parking area.

The changes are happening in the setback area [minimum open space required around a building] of the society, where residents claim hedges have been removed.     

Calling the act loss of biodiversity, a resident lashed out, “Parking areas are being created in the setback area even though we have offered alternatives spaces.”

There have been several written exchanges between the residents and the RWA on the matter.

The RWA has maintained that the residents have no right or jurisdiction over the land beyond their flats.

Amrik Singh, RWA president, denied the allegations and said, “The RWA is not removing any green area in the setback area. We have just removed a few hedges around the park to make the boundary, and extend the footpath. We are against residents encroaching upon the green areas for personal use, as it is a common area.”

He added, “We are not anti-green. This is just the view of a few disgruntled residents. The RWA is well within its right to approach the police, if any resident is seen encroaching upon the green areas in the setback area for personal use, but we are not taking any such action yet.”

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