Why MLU markets in Dwarka have become a threat to residential colonies...

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Posted: Jun 27, 2018

Residents of DDA pockets near MLU (mixed land use) markets are facing problem due to open exhaust fans, ACs and chimneys, which blow out hot, grime-filled air towards residential pockets. The problem is particularly persistent in Sectors 4, 5, 6, 10, 11 and 12.

In these pockets, the flats lie alongside the boundary walls of the markets. Residents also allege some shops have toilet windows and kitchen windows facing the complex, leading to privacy issues.

RWAs contend these are violations of building norms prescribed by the DDA. For MLUs, any change in the original design is possible only when the whole building plan is revised by the DDA.

Former joint secretary of RWA, Sector 12, Pocket 5, Dwarka Kunj Apartments, Prabhakar Gautam, says, “On our repeated complaints, an inspection was done in December 2011 in the pocket 5 market by the DDA executive engineer. He wrote about the malpractices to the director of buildings, urging the enforcement wing to take action, but nothing has been done yet.”

President of Rihayashi Apartments in Pocket 7, Ved Prakash, adds, “The matter is serious, and should be treated as such by the DDA. We have to deal with hot air constantly blowing in, and also the grime from the exhaust fans.”

Also, there’s always the fear that the chimneys or ACs could fall on unwitting residents.

At DDA Sector 5 Pocket 1, the RWA moved court under public grievance section.

RWA general secretary Mahesh Gupta says, “It’s been two years since we are fighting on this issue — these people have installed exhaust fans, chimneys and ACs faced towards our society. Summers become unbearable for us due to the chimneys. The trees and plants along the boundary wall are also getting damaged due to the hot air and pollution. We are still waiting for action against the violators.”

There’s more.

Residents of Sector 12 — Dwarkadheesh Apartments and Surabhi Apartments — say these shops have now started throwing garbage inside the pocket as well.

Former general secretary of Dwarkadheesh Apartments, Anjna Sinha, complains, “Everybody knows the problem, but no one is bothered. We have made our plight clear to area representatives and concerned officials.”

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