Dwarka: Historical structure ‘Baoli’ in dilapidated state, needs maintenance
Dwarka: Historical structure ‘Baoli’ in dilapidated state, needs maintenance
City Spidey
Dwarka: Historical structure ‘Baoli’ in dilapidated state, needs maintenance
Photo: Akhilesh Pandey

Dwarka: Historical structure ‘Baoli’ in dilapidated state, needs maintenance

The only historical structure in Dwarka, Lodi era’s Baoli, is in a dilapidated state and needs proper attention from the agencies for its maintenance. The Baoli, which is located beside the Gangotri Apartments in Sector-12, needs a lot of maintenance works.

The maintenance works were done more than two years back. But, its condition has worsened again and now it is suffering due to the lackadaisical approach of the authorities.

The garbage in surrounding areas, wild bushes in the revived structure, broken and damaged signage, lack of electricity etc. are amply telling the story of administration apathy.

The general secretary of RWA of Gangotri Apartments, Umesh Kala, said, “The structure’s complete revival is need of the hour. The whole area has been in the neglected state. The Baoli is our pride and we want it to be well maintained.”

According to sources, the Baoli was restored by INTACH (The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) and handed over to State Archaeology. Now, the State Archaeology is responsible for its maintenance.

City Spidey got to know from INTACH that the areas around the Baoli need to be developed as well so that it attracts the visitors. They said that a systematic plantation would be done to make the area beautiful.

But, nothing happened has happed so far and now dumping of waste has also started in the area. RK Malhotra, a resident of Sector-4, said, “Maintenance means work on all fronts. Be it cleaning, security safety or promotion etc. The authorities do not seem to be serious. They should do something to revive it.”

People of Gangotri Apartments said that the Baoli has also turned a place of drunkards and drug addicts. They said that due to ill-maintenance of surroundings and no arrangement of lights, such people use the place for these kinds of activities.

City Spidey visited the Baoli and interacted with the security guard there. He said that due to lack of electricity at night, there is a risk in performing the duty. He also said that it is difficult to perform duty during daytime as well because of no fan in the premise.

People are demanding an approach road to the Baoli and a display board easily visible to the people so that they would know about the historical place.

Sarita Singh, a resident of Sector-12, said, “Despite knowing that the Baoli is in our sector, I do not know the exact location. The Baoli is the only monument in Dwarka and it must be promoted. Civic bodies and the concerned agencies must take a proper initiative in this regard.”