After frequent mishaps, residents demand UP Lift Act
After frequent mishaps, residents demand UP Lift Act
Avishek Dubey
After frequent mishaps, residents demand UP Lift Act

After frequent mishaps, residents demand UP Lift Act

The residents of Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad are demanding a lift act which will help the administration in ensuring the proper installation, operation and maintenance of lifts in buildings.

There are more than two thousands of high rise buildings in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. The residents getting stuck in the lift has become an everyday affair in the societies. No one takes the responsibility for the causalities happening in the lift.

Speaking to City Spidey, Alok Kumar, President of FedAoA of Ghaziabad, said, “The tussle for a UP Lift Act has been going on since 2015 when there were a series of lift mishaps in high rise buildings.”

He informed that the District Magistrate of Ghaziabad said that the state government is going to make the guidelines for the lift act and it will be formed within 90 days.

Kumar further said that the absence of regulation leads to several other problems. “It is often seen that a multi-storeyed tower of over 100 flats has only one working lift. The builders have neither completed proper installation nor have they maintained any lift to flat ratio. There is no law to hold them responsible,” Kumar added.

Kumar wants that provision for a lift inspector should be made in the lift act. He added that the lift inspector will check the lifts in high rise buildings.

In the absence of a lift act, the developers install poor quality lifts which do not have automatic rescue device (ARD), no service lift for emergency and no monitoring by the local authorities.

Recently, a lady received fractures after the lift suddenly fell from 14th floor to 7th floor in Westeria tower of Gaur Saundaryam Society near Gaur City in Noida Extension.

“Those who are found responsible for lift mishaps should be jailed. Offenders could include builders, lift manufacturers, inspectors and maintenance professionals,” said Amit Kumar, a resident of Prateek Wisteria in Sector-77 of Noida.

Rajesh Kumar, Officer on Special Duty in Noida Authority said that it is the state government’s job to form the act. He added that Noida Authority’s only role into it is that when the act is ready then it should be implemented in the city.

With city’s habitation rapidly moving towards high rises, the requirement of a lift act is on an all-time high in states like Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh alone has around 3,000 projects registered on the website of the state’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

The federation has mentioned that only 12 out of 29 states in India have a lift and elevator regulation act. This means that a major chunk of 17 states is without any regulation for lifts. The 17 states include states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh etc.