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Gurgaon: Residents complain dumping of waste at vacant plot in Sector-23A

Posted: Jul 20, 2018     By City Spidey

The residents of Sector-23A in Gurgaon are complaining about health hazards from dumping of garbage which is going on in last five years at a vacant plot only 50 metres away from the residential areas.

Apart from the 1,000 families living in the sector, the residents of sectors 22, 23 and Mulahera have also been affected due to dumping.

The residents told that they have raised the issue to the administration many times but no action has been taken in the direction of picking the garbage and fencing of the area.

People were of the view that the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and Haryana Shahri Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP), which were previously known as Huda, are the ones who are responsible for the mess that has been created at the vacant plot.

They said that rains have also exacerbated the condition at the vacant plot as the garbage has not started flowing into the residential areas.

“This is a six-acre vacant plot of HSVP earmarked for a hospital, but the HSVP did not use the land for it. Dumpers and tractor trolleys carrying solid waste, construction waste and sewage waste can be spotted at the site after sunset and before sunrise daily,” said Jaswant Singh, whose house is 100 metres from the spot.

The residents said that the situation is so worse that almost 150 houses in the first row have shut their windows permanently.

Brij Sharma, another resident, said, “We click pictures of tractors and trolleys dumping all kinds of waste and at times, we tried to stop them, but there always seems to be a large group of people and are with the garbage mafia, which is why we avoid them.”

“We have formed a WhatsApp group in which MCG and HSVP officials are members. They see our posts, but they never bother to check the activity. We are mulling to sell our house and move to another location,” Sharma added.

These things are happening despite the Municipal Act which mentions that dumping garbage at the place, which has not been designated, is an offence and people doing it can be booked.

“We will definitely initiate action in this regard, fence the plot and put it to good use,” said Chander Shekhar Khare, administrator, HSVP, Gurugram.

Yashpal Yadav, MCG commissioner, Gurugram, said, “I will inquire into the matter and initiate lawful action.”     

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