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RESIDENT SPEAK: Noida police refuses to register complaint for life threat

Posted: Jul 23, 2018     By Sanjeev Kumar

What a joke? A common citizen is not able to register his complaint in police station. A common man is now searching some references for registering his complaint with police who has refused to help him.

In the written complaint, the resident has raised his voice against noise pollution and nuisance by his neighbourhood villagers who have also given him life threat.

A big question raised here is that if someone gives you life threat then where you will go, police station or Noida Authority?

Another question is - who is responsible for administering policies during the night like noise pollution (loud music, inconvenience, noise etc), police or Noida Authority?

Everybody knows that we have to dial hundred and register our complaint to our police station for these problems.

But, what should we do when our senior police officers refuse to register the complaint and even refuse to accept a written complaint?

The officials at the police station in Sector-49 in Noida have refused to accept the written complaint from the resident of Sector-51.

The police authorities have asked the resident to approach CEO of Noida authority for the threats that he has received from neighbours.

As per them, the matter is related to the nearby villagers illegally encroaching the society area. They said that the matter is subjudice and hence it should be dealt by the Noida Authority.

But, to our surprise, nobody has come to his rescue.

Whom will the resident approach now?

He is currently without any protection. The villagers can harm or kill him and his family. He had called PCR during the night because of loud music as well as other nuisance by bad elements in his neighbourhood.

Will anybody help him?

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