The Jaguars are watching... beware!
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The Jaguars are watching... beware!

Residents actively participate in the recently introduced “Jaguar Patrolling” initiative in Dwarka.

The Jaguars are watching... beware!

In an effort to bring down the crime rates, Dwarka residents are actively aiding the recently introduced “Jaguar Patrolling” initiative. Jaguar patrolling was introduced to curb incidents of petty thefts and chain snatching. Under it, a bike-borne team of police personnel do rounds of pre-defined, crime-prone routes.

To add teeth to this fledgling initiative, Police Mitras (community volunteers nominated by Delhi Police), RWA members and residents are helping the Jaguar team to conduct patrols of sensitive spots. The intent is to bring down acts of open drinking in public parks and to curb criminal activities in vacant plots after sundown. And residents are playing a crucial role in identifying these locations.      

In fact, to encourage more participation, residents are sharing pictures of spot raids.

RWA president of Rainbow Apartments in Sector 12, Dharambir Shokeen, said, “RWAs are now integral part for such patrolling — this community participation has increased the reach of the police.”

Indu Garg, a Police Mitra, and a resident of Sector 22, has been actively involved in the process. She and her friends keep an eye on the parks and lanes of the locality.

She shares her experience with City Spidey: “During evenings, I coordinate with the beat officials of my Police Mitra team, and together we visit parks and lonely stretches. Earlier, we used to do it with one or two beat officers, but now the Jaguar team has also joined us. I can say this with a good amount of certainty that anti-social activities in our area have seen a steep decline.”

Jaguar teams usually blow whistles during their rounds to create a sense of panic, and when miscreants try to make a hasty escape they are caught by the Police Mitra team.

Now, Station House Officers (SHOs) have also joined the beat officers during rounds.